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Educating the Whole Child - Playing to Their Strengths

best school BoulderWhen parents start looking for the best school Boulder for their child's education, they start to realize that not all schools are the same. Some will focus primarily on rigorous academic education while others have strong athletic or art programs. It becomes incredibly difficult to discern what the "best" school might be, because the best school for one student might not hit the mark for another. The key in education that succeeds is in understanding the child and offering them ways to use their talents to excel in all areas.


Time for Discovery

The formative years are the best time to try new things. There are certain subjects and skills that every child will have to master in order to progress to higher levels. Some students are more apt to fit inside a structured traditional school environment. They naturally organize their thoughts in the way that academics are run, follow directions well and can easily become accustomed to the cause and effect nature of completing this amount of work to receive this grade. There's a reason that most schools follow a straightforward standard - it works best for most students.


best school Boulder


A child who is more naturally inclined creatively might not do as well in that structured environment, but will soar when they find ways to combine their creativity with their academic work. A child with learning disabilities might not do well in mainstreamed class settings but may be exceptional in other, more hands on or one-on-one learning endeavors. The point being, that individual children have different ways of learning and places where they excel. When these individual traits are incorporated in the teaching methods, children are apt to both enjoy education far more and perform at a much higher level.


Choosing the Right School

best school BoulderMany parents feel that a small classroom size offers a more optimal learning experience. This can be true because there are fewer students per teacher and more individual attention can be paid to each student. Another factor parents may look at is the core curriculum. A child who excels in the arts may not find the best fit at a school with fewer art programs and less focus in that field. Likewise, a student who excels at science and math will likely not enjoy a campus where the focus is athletics. Other things to consider include the community as a whole because the school environment is where children make their first friends and social memories, which is no less important to their growth than what they learn in class.


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