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Best School Boulder

What Makes a Middle or High School the Best?

best school BoulderMost students who don't despise their schools will claim that theirs is the "best school in Boulder." Unfortunately, this is such a subjective title that student reviews alone are almost worthless in determining which one really is the best. Parents shouldn't ignore student reviews – if a school gets an extraordinary number of complaints, there's probably a very good reason – but they should be sure to verify positive reviews before deciding to send their children to a particular school.


Some of the things that make a school a true candidate for best include average academic performance, extracurricular activities, outings, discipline practices, and safety practices. Academic performance is always the most important criteria for declaring a school best because the very purpose of a school is to teach. If performance is poor across the board, or with only a few exceptions, it's safe to say that the school isn't doing its job. Therefore, schools with poor performance should be struck off of the "desirable" list regardless of any other factors.


best school BoulderOnce a list of academically-acceptable schools has been created, it's time to start looking at the other factors. These are the things that narrow the list down to just a couple of possibilities. While many schools boast about extracurricular activities, it's important to note that these only count if the child is likely to want to join any of them. Those who do like such activities can be either happy or miserable depending on the availability of these programs. Make sure to look for ones that match the child's interest; a great sports program will not help a kid who longs to join a band.


best school BoulderDiscipline is another aspect that parents must consider to ensure their child's success in a school. Most kids will always say that they're against it, and it's natural for them to want to be able to do anything they want. However, discipline is needed to prevent problems like bullying, chaos in the classrooms, and other problems that make going to school more like going to war than entering a learning institution. On the other hand, overly-harsh, "zero tolerance" discipline does nothing but teach kids that adults are crazy and that it's bad to see nuances. Clearly, the best school Boulder will have good, sane, discipline policies and be sure to enforce them.


When all of these aspects come together properly, a school is entitled to call itself the best. It's well worth doing the research needed to find these institutions before enrolling a child.


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